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02 q45 owners manual

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02 q45 owners manual
02 q45 owners manual
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02 q45 owners manual

CO Engine Cooling System. EC Engine Control SystemEX Exhaust System. ACC Accelerator Control SystemPR Propeller Shaft. RFD Rear Final Drive. FAX Front Axle. RAX Rear AxleRSU Rear Suspension. SCS Suspension Control SystemPB Parking Brake System. BRC Brake Control SystemSTC Steering Control SystemSRS Supplemental Restraint System RF RoofLAN LAN SystemACS Auto Cruise Control SystemAll rights reserved. No part of this Service Manual may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or Edition: March 2001. Revision: April 2004. Publication No. SM2E-1F50U4. This manual contains maintenance and repair procedure for the 2002 It is especially important that the. PRECAUTIONS in the GI section be completely understood before starting All information in this manual is based on the latest product informationThe right is reserved to make changes in specifi-The service methods in this Service Manual are described in such aService varies with the procedures used, the skills of the technicianAccordingly, anyone using serviceEngine modelTensions of drive belts. Auto adjustment by auto tensioner. Radiater cap relief pressureCooling system leakage testing pressureStandard. Minimum. Spark plug. Standard typeMinimumMaximumLeft and right differenceCaster. MinimumMaximumLeft and right differenceKingpin inclination. MInimumNominalMaximumMinimumNominalMaximumMInimumNominalMaximumMInimumDegree minute. NominalMaximumDegree minute. NominalMinimumNominalMaximumDistance ( A B ). MinimumMaximumMinimumNominalMaximumPad wear limitPad wear limitUS measure. Fuel tankWith oil filter changeCompressor oilRefrigerantPrecautions for Supplemental Restraint System. VEHICLE IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM - NATS) (If. Equipped). 3. General Precautions. 4. Precautions for Three Way Catalyst. 5. Precautions for Fuel (Unleaded Premium Gasoline. Required). 5. Precautions for Multiport Fuel Injection System or. Engine Control System. 6. Precautions for Turbocharger (If Equipped). 6. Precautions for Hoses. 6Terms. 8. Units. 8.

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Contents. 8. Components. 9Incident. 26Function and System Application. 36. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Replacement. 36. Checking Equipment. 37. CONSULT-II Start Procedure. 37. CONSULT-II Data Link Connector (DLC) Circuit. 38Garage Jack and Safety Stand. 39Board-On Lift. 41Vehicle Recovery (Freeing a Stuck Vehicle). 43These precautions are notImproper maintenance, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, can lead to per-For removal of Spiral Cable and Air. Bag Module, see the SRS section.NATS) (If Equipped)The indicator blinks when the immobilizer system isThis lighting up indicates that the anti-theft is not functioning, so prompt service is required.Therefore, be sure to receive all keys from vehicle owner. A maximum of four or five key IDs can be regis-Keep the work area well ventilated and free of any inflammableDo not smoke while working on the vehicle.These operations should be done on a level surface.Turn off ignition switch. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. If the battery terminals are disconnected, recorded memory ofAvoid contact with hot metal parts. Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot.Continued refueling may cause fuel overflow, resulting in fuelStatic electricity may damage internal electronic components.Protect fenders, upholstery and carpeting with appropriate cov-Take caution that keys, buckles or buttons do not scratch paint.TROUBLE DIAGNOSES in EC and AT sections. Precautions for Three Way CatalystLeaded gasoline will seriously damage the three way catalyst.Do not place the vehicle on flammable material. Keep flammable material off the exhaust pipe and the threePrecautions for Fuel (Unleaded Premium Gasoline Required)If unleaded premium gasoline is not available, unleaded regular gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87.

AKI number (Research octane number 91) can be used, but only under the following precautions:However, for maximum vehicle performance, the use of unleaded premium gasoline is recommended.Using leaded gasoline will damage the three way catalyst. Using a fuelDisconnect negative battery terminal. Otherwise, there may be damage to ECM.Precautions for Turbocharger (If Equipped)Follow the instructions forIf engine had been operating at high rpm for an extended periodPrecautions for HosesIf there isPrecautions for Engine OilsTry to avoid direct skin contactIf skin contact is made, wash thoroughly with soap or hand cleaner as soon as possible.Overalls must be cleaned regu-If skin disorders develop, obtain medical advice without delay.If in doubt, contact the local authority for advice on disposalIt is illegal to pour used oil on to the ground, down sewers or drains, or into water sources. The regulations concerning pollution vary between regions. Precautions for Air Conditioning WARNING indicates the possibility of personal injury if instructions are not followed. CAUTION indicates the possibility of component damage if instructions are not followed. BOLD TYPED STATEMENTS except WARNING and CAUTION give you helpful information. Standard value:Tolerance at inspection and adjustment. Limit value:The maximum or minimum limit value that should not be exceeded at inspection and adjust-UnitsContentsYou can quickly findAssembly, inspection and adjustment procedures for the complicated units such as the automatic tran-Outer Socket Lock NutThe illustrations should be used in reference to service matters only. When ordering parts, refer to theShould be lubricated with grease. Unless otherwise indicated, use recommended multi-purpose grease. Should be lubricated with oil. Sealing point. Checking point. Always replace after every disassembly.Apply ATF. Select with proper thickness. Adjustment is required.

Observe the followingIf you need to check circuit continuity between harness connectors in more detail, such as when aStart to diagnose a problem using procedures indicated in enclosed test groups.Questions and required results are indicated in bold type in test group. The meaning of are as follows:Symbols included in illustrations refer to measurements or procedures. Before diagnosing a problem,Next action for each test group is indicated based on result of each question. Test group number is shownTYPE 1: Harness Wire Color and Connector Number are Shown in IllustrationSymbol explanation. Symbol. Symbol explanation. Check after disconnecting the connec-Procedure with Generic Scan Tool Check after connecting the connector Procedure without CONSULT, CON-. SULT-II or GST. Insert key into ignition switch. Remove key from ignition switch.Apply positive voltage from battery Disconnect battery negative cable. Do not start engine, or check with Depress brake pedal. Start engine, or check with engine run-Release brake pedal. Apply parking brake. Depress accelerator pedal. Release parking brake. Release accelerator pedal. Check after engine is warmed up suffi-Pin terminal check for SMJ type ECM For details regarding the terminal Voltage should be measured with a Circuit resistance should be measured Current should be measured with an Pulse signal should be checked with Procedure with CONSULT-II. Procedure without CONSULT-II. Symbol explanationOBD, may use a new style slide-locking type harness connector. For description and how to disconnect, refer to PG section,Connector guides for male terminals are shown in black andItem. DescriptionFor arrange-For details, refer to PG section, STAN-When the wire color is striped, the base color is given first, followed by the stripe color as shown A coordinate grid is included for complex harnesses to aid in For detailed ground distribution information, refer to For code meaning, refer to wire color codes. Number 14 of this chart.ANTIQUESINDIANFURNITURE.COM/images/02-q45-owners-manual.pdf

The open square shows current flow in, and the shaded square shows current flow out. Num-Item. DescriptionComponent Indication. Connector numbers in a double circle F211 indicate component connectors. Switch Positions In some wiring diagrams, two kinds of lines, representing wires, with different weight are used.The continuity of multiple switch is described in two ways as shown below.The Reference Area of the wiring diagram contains references to additional electrical reference pages at thePower SteeringThe probe of a digital multimeter (DMM) may not correctly fit the connector cavity. To correctly probe the con-Probing from Harness Side. Standard type (not waterproof type) connector should be probed. If the connector has a rear cover such as a ECM connector,Probing from Terminal Side Do not insert any object other than the same type male terminalTool numberTool name. DescriptionUpdateHow to Check Enlarged Contact Spring of Terminal. An enlarged contact spring of a terminal may create intermittent signals in the circuit. If the intermittent open circuit occurs, follow the procedure below to inspect for open wires and enlarged con-Use a male terminal which matches the female terminal.Do not force the male terminal into the female terminal withIf the male terminal can be easily inserted into the female termi-Waterproof Connector Inspection. If water enters the connector, it can short interior circuits. This may lead to intermittent problems. Check the following items to maintain the original waterproof characteristics.If the seal is missing,Be sure that the seal isTerminal Lock Inspection. Check for unlocked terminals by pulling wire at the end of connector. An unlocked terminal may create intermittent signals in the circuit.Sometimes the symptom is not present when the vehicle is brought in for service. If possible, re-create theDoing so may help avoid a No Trouble Found Diagnosis.

The fol-The section is broken into the six following topics:The following are key pieces of information required to make a good analysis:Service History and if any After Market Accessories have been installed. Verify the parameter of the incident.Identify where to begin diagnosis based upon your knowledge of the system operation and the customer comments.Determine which circuits and components are involved and diagnose using the Power Supply Routing and Harness. Layouts.Verify the system works properly under all conditions. Make sure you have not inad-Get a thorough description of the incident from the customer. It is important for simulating the conditions of theVehicle Vibration. The problem may occur or become worse while driving on a rough road or when engine is vibrating (idle with. Refer to the following illustra-Determine which connectors and wiring harness would affect the electrical system you are inspecting. GentlyThis test may indicate a loose or poor electrical connection.It is possible to get a thin film of corrosion on the connector termi-If the problem occurs inter-It is a good idea to disconnect, inspect and clean theGently apply a slight vibration to sensors and relays in the system you are inspecting. This test may indicate a loose or poorly mounted sensor or relay.Some of the. We are always happy to welcome those who wish to educate themselves, save their time and money with useful information about your car. Search, download for free and learn all about the repair of your car with Infiniti Q45 service repair manuals Complete list of Infiniti Q45 auto service repair manuals: NISSAN.The high-end vehicles have a bad reputation for The high-end vehicles have a bad reputation for high service costs that don’t reflect well on their already high prices. Some luxury vehicles actually represent both class and affordability.

Infiniti’s truck lineup offers best-in-class vehicles that only see a modest 25-30 percent increase in repair costs when compared to Toyota or Honda. There’s no reason to sweat Infinity repairs. Though this doesn’t mean there’s aren’t any preventive measures. Common convention says to check the belts during every oil change. Engine heat and grime eventually wear out the drive belt, even in the best-maintained vehicles. Insufficient battery charge is another indicator of a bad drive belt. A bad belt won’t power the alternator, which in turn won’t charge the battery. However, before removing any drive belt, always make a detailed sketch of the complete assembly. While burnt out belts can cause battery problems, so can a multitude of other problems. The simple fix here is simply replacing the battery. Even with working belts sometimes the alternator goes bad, and a bad alternator means no charge. It’s not a knock against the brand, but rather a simple fact of car ownership. And like drive belts, it’s important to practice preventative maintenance. Luckily, brake pads themselves aren’t too difficult to replace Pads have wear indicators that grind before they’re too low to cause damage to the rotors. The new pads clip into place, the wheels go on, and it’s ready to drive. A subtle clunking or clicking noise from the front or back end of the truck spells trouble, usually in the form of bad ball joints. Then replace the ball, lube it up, and reassemble the control arms. Regular oil changes are a major component to keeping a truck on the road for longer, with fewer repairs. If the truck burns oil or the oil simply evaporates over time, it’s at risk for what’s commonly known as an engine “seizing.” Check the manual for oil change specifics, but 3000-5000 miles is the general rule of thumb. The better quality oil, the longer the engine will run without repairs. Understanding the above common problems goes a long way in catching issues before they arise.

We maintain an expansive database of common vehicle repair instructions to help you get through any at home repair. Anyone with a little DIY experience can handle most at-home auto repairs. All it takes is a little understanding and a helpful hand from someone who knows that ropes. Car companies have picked up on this, and are now advertising their reliability and gas mileage, but which claims are legitimate and which are built on smoke and mirrors. Opened in Seoul near the end of WWII, Kia is a Korean company that has come into its own and now has customers around the world. They did this by making the car so cheap that it didn’t need to be particularly safe or reliable to have the best value. Not only that, but it is showing up on almost every list of the best car brands. Most surveys show that Asian companies have been dominating the automotive market for several years now. Much of their success can be traced back to the late 1940s. This gave them an unexpected advantage. Because they were not producing cars as quickly, they were making fewer mistakes. This gave Japanese cars a reputation for reliability. Additional experiments and innovations in manufacturing allowed them to advance beyond their competitors. People now need cars that are cheaper and last longer, which is what Japanese companies, and now Kia, pride themselves on. There’s no problem with wanting a more affordable car, and if you know how to, there are ways to get the most out of a car deal. Both were considered almost worthless until 2006. One of Audi’s best designers switched teams to Kia. With Kia vastly improving after 2006, so was Hyundai. Kia has a lot going for it, from good designers to an economic struggle, which makes affordable, reliable cars desirable. Regardless, it now wins the most prestigious car awards out there every single year. Korean cars have been on an upswing since the mid-2000s, but Japan has played a huge role in the market since long before.

Much like Kia, they set to make a certain type of car that excelled in a few fields and stuck with it. Even if you have a reliable car, extending its life is never a bad thing. We can help. This is not an official document and has not been produced by the Infiniti Division of Nissan North America. Some of the displays can result in changes to the vehicle’s calibration data and should not be used without understanding the results. While some of the displays can be enabled while driving, some jurisdictions do not permit these types of displays to be used while driving. The only person responsible for any damage that results from the use of the information in this document is the user of the information. If any of the above information is disseminated (even to the commissioner of baseball), please provide the above warnings, as well. Consult the owner’s manual for trademark, service mark, patent and copyright information. The highest level display is described first, then the next level display until the bottom level display is reached. A soft-key is a button which appears on a display. A hard-key is a physical button which appears on the dash and can be activated by pressing the button. Accessing the Body Control Module “SELF DIAGNOSIS” display (i.e.: How to Start) In order to exit the system, use the “PREV” key (or “Previous Display” voice key) until the system returns to the normal displays. Shutting off the ignition will also terminate the diagnostic display system. To return to the navigation system, simply hit the “MAP” hard-key. This test cannot be run while the car is in motion. On the menu will be the following items: A different color will be shown otherwise. If no errors are found, a standard message is displayed saying that no errors were found and to consult the service manual for further information. This menu can be used while the car is in motion. On the display, the following options are shown: All of the options, with the exception of the “Voice Mic.

Test”, generate a sub-menu display. The display will likely show a vertical green bar with no faults. A “Delete” soft-key will be visible in the upper right corner. The camera view remains enabled at all times while in this display. The display allows the distance line gradations to be moved to align the markers with the camera position. Failure to properly calibrate can result in the lines not matching the specifications shown in the Q45 owners manual. This allows the initial values for the navigation system to be specified. Eight of the eight speakers are testable. The Subwoofer is also available for individual testing. The tweeters are tested with 1kHz tones, while the midrange is tested with a 500Hz tone. Levels are fairly loud and do not appear to be adjustable. Pressing the “Stop” button stops the testing. The likely result of all this is feedback if the system is properly working. No sub-menu is displayed. Nissan 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Review: The Best Disposable Shop Wipes They are independent publications and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nissan or Infiniti. Material may not be copied or reprinted without written permission. This was Infiniti’s first entry level luxury car, the first of the legendary G series, and Nissan’s first multi-link front suspension. These packages in the luxury market were unheard of compared to the typical, and expensive a la carte options from the German manufacturers. The G20 would soldier on for a second generation and receive significant upgrades. The new G had all of the bases covered. It was available in coupe and sedan body styles, and could also be equipped with all wheel drive and the first application of Nissan’s ATTESA all wheel drive system.Many of the components were shared, but the driving dynamics were improved. The G37 is available as a coupe, sedan, and convertible. IPL stands for Infiniti Performance Line.

The engine received a bump in horsepower, suspension revisions, and sportier body styling. The introduction of the G25 uses a smaller displacement V6, an automatic transmission, is available with rear wheel or all wheel drive and is otherwise identical to the G37. One of Infiniti’s top sellers, the Q40 got a big price cut and represents Infiniti’s entry-level offering. Instead, the Q50 is the successor for the adored G37. The new model is more shapely and sleek and is available in a number of flavors. Available model options are rear wheel drive and all wheel drive, a lower powered 328 horsepower V6 engine, and a 360 horsepower V6 engine for hybrid models. The sleek styled mid-size model shared mechanical underpinnings with the Maxima but was unique in appearance. The I30 undercut the German luxury competition while being equipped with similar safety features and creature comforts, at a much more favorable price point and superior reliability. There were two trim levels available, the standard I30 and the I30t. The “t” designates a touring model with came with a limited slip differential, HID headlights, and the option to equip the sport package. In 2001, the model was renamed as the I35 due to the introduction of a larger displacement engine which bumped horsepower to 255.The rounded body style was unique for the market at the time and stood out against the competition. The interior was nicely appointed with two tone contrasting colors, real wood, automatic climate control, eight way powered seats, and Bose stereo. Mechanically, the J30 had all of the right touches- an outstanding interior, rear wheel drive, the V6 adapted from the 300zx which churned out 210 horsepower, a multi-link rear suspension with a limited slip rear differential- a favorite upgrade of the 240sx crowd, and HICAS, a four wheel steering system.The M30 was originally equipped with the V6 engine from the 300zx and churned out 162 horsepower and the only transmission available was automatic.

The suspension could be changed from “sport” to “comfort.” The M30 was Infiniti’s first convertible unti the G37 convertible in 2009.While the styling wasn’t particularly striking, the power, speed, and interior of the car was outstanding. Equipped with 10 way heated and cooled memory seats, intelligent cruise control, dual climate control, side curtain air bags, and real wood trim, the interior, performance, and safety features were impressive. The new car was based on an improved G series platform with optional V6 and V8 engines. Both models are available in all wheel drive and ATTESA. The M45 received a revised multi-link suspension and double wishbone suspension which provides a sporty, comfortable ride. The M received high accolades such as Interior of the Year, a IIHS safety pick, and an award for the fastest production hybrid. It unintentionally became one of industry’s best kept secrets. A surprisingly agile luxury sedan with a torquey (and severely underrated) 278hp 4.5L V8, which was competitive for that era, the Q45 was an upscale “driver’s” car, more of a reasonably priced and reliable alternative to the BMW 7-series or Jaguar XJ, and less soft and cushy than the Lexus LS400. The car quickly caught the eyes of the competition with its low price, high powered VH45DE engine, Bose stereo system, memory seats, contrasting color interior, multi-link suspension, and HICAS 4 wheel steering. The original Q was also a very quick car with a short gear ratios and a 0-60mph of 6.7 seconds. Some felt the lagging sales were due to its more dramatic, European inspired styling. But many felt it was more due to a controversial advertising campaign during its crucial launch, which excluded pictures of the car or even a description of it.

As a result, the Q45 ended up getting compared mostly to the similarly priced (but arguably more reliable) LS400, a car that appealed to a traditional non-sporty luxury car buyer and subsequently created an uphill battle for Infiniti to make the Q’s more driver oriented character better known to the market. The new body had a more traditional luxury car look and featured a smaller, slightly less powerful 4.1L V8. All of the luxury goodies were there, including some new ones. The 3rd generation Q represented a minor shift, but this time back in the sporty direction. In addition to a sleeker looking body, power was now provided by a new 4.5L V8 that pumped out 340hp. The addition of the Sport package added active dampening suspension which allowed the Q to drive like a sporty luxury sedan. But it was not enough to save the Q from extinction.The Q70 is available with two choices of engines, a 330 hp 3.7-liter V6 or a 420 hp 5.6-liter V8. The 3.7 is also available in all-wheel drive, and a hybrid powertrain is available as well. Due to its size and handling characteristics, some have even gone as far as to call it the G35 hatchback. Thanks to a lower center of gravity than most CUVs in the market, a 295 horsepower engine, seven speed automatic transmission, and the option of all wheel drive or rear wheel drive, owners receive some of the best value in the segment. It was more of stylish, luxury crossover with a sporty edge. Sharing its platform with the Nissan 350Z instead of a Pathfinder, the aggressively styled FX was more of a fun-to-drive street machine than offroad-capable SUV. The FX was offered with both RWD and AWD versions. The FX35 had the 300hp 3.5L V6 motor from the 350Z with a five-speed automatic tranny that featured a manumatic shift mode. The pricier FX45 used a more powerful 4.5 liter V8, but both were equipped with same Infiniti luxury touches.

The better selling V6 version remained the FX35, but the V8 model was renamed FX50, due to an engine change to a new 5.0L V8, which put out close to 400 hp, and a smoother shifting 7 speed automatic transmission. The exterior looks were softened a bit, the interior was upgraded in design and material, and the suspension was upgraded improving what was already a pretty good ride with decent handling. A minor facelift followed in 2012. But in 2014, Infiniti renamed its entire product line using the letter Q plus 2 digit multiples of 10.A hot-rod 325-hp 3.7-liter V-6 and a seven-speed automatic with either rear-drive or all-wheel drive gets the QX70 hustling with a memorably-aggressive exhaust note that goes right along with the QX70’s sporty handling.

rol System Engine Mechanical Exhaust System Exterior Lighting System Exterior Front Axle Fuel System Front Suspension Intro - Table of Contents General Information Glass and Window System Heater and Air Conditioning System Heater and Air Conditioning Control System Horn Interior Lighting System Interior Instrument Panel LAN System Engine Lubrication System Maintenance Mirrors Meter, Warning Lamp and Indicator Parking Brake System Power Control System Power Supply, Ground and Circuit Elements Power Window Control System Power Outlet Rear Axle Roof Rear Suspension Seat Belt Seat Belt Control System Seat Security Control System SRS Airbag SRS Airbag Control System Steering System Steering Control System Starting System Transaxle and Transmission Ventilation System Warning Chime System Road Wheels and Tires Wiper and Washer 2015 Accelerator Control System Automatic Drive Positioner Audio, Visual and Navigation System Body Control System Brake System Brake Control System Body Repair Manual Cruise Control System Charging System Engine Cooling System Driver Assistance System Defogger Door and Lock Driveline Engine Control System Engine Mechanical Exhaust System Exterior Lighting System Exterior Front Axle Fuel System Front Suspension General Information Glass and Window System Heater and Air Conditioning System Heater and Air Conditioning Control System Horn Interior Lighting System Interior Instrument Panel LAN System Engine Lubrication System Maintenance Mirrors Meter, Warning Lamp and Indicator Parking Brake System Power Control System Power Supply, Ground and Circuit Elements Power Window Control System Power Outlet Rear Axle Roof Rear Suspension Seat Belt Seat Belt Control System Seat Security Control System SRS Airbag SRS Airbag Control System Steering System Steering Control System Starting System Transaxle and Transmission Ventilation System Warning Chime System Road Wheels and Tires Wiper and Washer This was the Infiniti brand’s first SUV offering in the US market.