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boss oc-2 manual

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boss oc-2 manual
boss oc-2 manual
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boss oc-2 manual

Each tone has a separate volume control and plays back with outstanding clarity. Compact octave pedal that produces tones one or two octaves below the original note--or both. Separate OCT 1 and OCT 2 controls, as well as Direct Level control for exact tonal shaping. A classic effect for guitar and bass. BOSS 5-year warranty Here's a quick reference guide to the type and function of each unit. With just a single guitar, you can obtain sounds three octaves thick, and each part has a separate volume control. The OC-2 features natural, clear octave sounds with stable pitch even for staccato picking sounds. Boss USA The OC-2 Octave pedal lets users fatten up their sound by adding two additional tones--one and two octaves below the original note. Each tone has a separate volume control and plays back with outstanding clarity. Taiwanese by kaputsport The Stingray is set to a slow low-pass envelope filter with aggressive fuzz and the OC2 brings in the 1st and 2nd octave down. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant INSTRUMENT forum topics: BOSS MT-2 METAL ZONE Sziasztok! Megepitettem a cimbeli gitartorzitot, de nem jon ki belole az a hang, ami a YouTube-os demovideokon hallatszik. Ossze szeretnem hasonlitani egy gyarival. Van esetleg valakinek?You can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian).

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Each additional Octave 1 - Knob 3 adjusts the the volume of the signal 1 octave below the input signal. Octave 2 - Knob 4 controls the volume of the signal 2 octaves below the input signal. Ranges from 0 to 99. Values include: analog Knobs 2-6 have the following functions for the various Delay Effects. It includes the original box, warranty card, instruction manual, and safety card. The box is in very good shape overall, as are the documents. Perfect replacement for your stray pedal. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Please check the fields highlighted in red.Currency. A Bass players not-so-secret weapon! And my first impressions are that it’s an excellent pedal! But let me know if you do. Click on a star to rate it. I'm sorry you didn't find my post useful. Let mr improve this post. How can I improve this post. Submit Feedback This is the place is shares his musical journey as a musician, song writer and blogger. I am happy with this Privacy and Tracking Policy. There are two quarter-inch inputs, one for guitar and one for bass, as well as two outputs, a direct out and a mono out. The direct out would take the signal directly to a DI box, and the mono would be run through an amplifier. UTILIZATION The pedal isn't too difficult to use. The effects are easy enough to handle. The pedal in its original mode (the same mode as the similar OC-3 ) is capable of blending up to three signals, the direct signal, a signal an octave lower, and a signal two octaves lower. The other option is the drive mode, which is basically adding a distortion to the signal you dial in in the original mode.. SOUND QUALITY The first octave shifter that I tried was the Digitech Whammy pedal, which colors the sound far more than this one does, but also offers you the option of shifting the signal two octaves up. I can't help but compare this pedal to that one in terms of functions, and I usually can't help but be disappointed.

As far as sound quality goes though, it is a bit less unnatural-sounding than the Whammy, so if realistic-sounding octave drops are your thing, this is definitely a good pedal to get. OVERALL OPINION I think I liked the flexibility of signal the most about this pedal. The fact that I could blend three different octaves together into one signal is pretty cool. It greatly expands the range of your instrument, albeit in a limited way. I do think that you could get a cheaper octave pedal and be satisfied, but not to the extent that this pedal would bring. The sound quality is one of the more natural-sounding octave pedals I've played. I have played a few other models, and compared to this one, the sound quality was inferior, even if the functionality was greater. I would ultimately recommend this pedal to anyone looking for a more conventional octave pedal.This is the Octave pedal that produces and effects that give you two separate octaves within the effect. This is an easy pedal to use. You have three control knobs and they work pretty well. The two octaves are on the outer sides. The middle control knob sets the overall level or volume of the effect pedal. It certainly does sound good in the right setting with a guitar amp but the bass seems to be more apt to taking the overall effect much better in a more usable way. I like the sound of this pedal. I have always liked the cool octave sound anyway so having two separate octaves is a plus. You can dial them in to have one below and above or just having a somewhat detuned guitar tone. This is a pedal or an effect that you would use sparingly. You won't use this pedal a lot in your overall sound. It is good for solos or somewhere that a break in the music occurs. OVERALL OPINION These pedals have been long discontinued not since 2003. They have a newer one that can be used for bass and guitar. That ones has much more user friendly controls and parameters.

It is a fun pedal for getting some very cool effects for your rig.I just had to try it out, so I bought it. It features two different octave knobs and a level knob. These allow you to choose between one or two octaves below the note -- or both. UTILIZATION The OC-2 is an absolute beast in terms of reliability. These things have been around forever and withstood the test of time. Failure rates are extremely low thanks in part to Boss' sturdy housing. The manual is clearly written, and they even give you a few example settings to try out. Just playing with the knobs should give you some idea as to how everything operates. SOUND QUALITY The sound of this is somewhat iffy. It does what it says though -- it fattens up the tone by adding one or two octaves to the sound. This can make your guitar really fat sounding, but it's different from a pitch shifter. I actually thought I'd be able to emulate a bass guitar sound with this, but you really can't. It's not that kind of pedal. If you're looking for some real cool doom and sludge style riffing, this pedal can help boost that low end during the heavy chord parts. Just be sure not to use too much of it or else you can get lost in the mix. OVERALL OPINION If you know what an octave pedal is and does, it's worth checking out. After all, it's the world standard of octave pedals. However, I found that the usage was fairly limited in the real world. I'm not a big doom metal player, and when I want to play that kind of music, I prefer using an aggressive fuzz instead. If you want to thicken up some clean tones, this can actually work pretty well. Overall, it's a pedal that's worth experimenting with, but I couldn't find a practical use for it.By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. The first is one octave below the original tone and the second, two octaves below. The level of each octave's tone can be adjusted independently. The Oc-2 has always been popular with both guitar players and bass players.

To get a steady and reliable sound from the Octave, it is recommended that you keep your action high and that you have absolutely no fret buzz on your guitar. It is also an advantage to use a compressor in front of the OC-2 to limit the spectrum of frequencies that the OC-2 has to work with. Please check our Ebay shop for more effects and musical Equipment Buy with confidence all items are thoroughly tested and come with a 2 month warranty All pictures in this listing are of the actual item, NO generic or stock pictures are used. Thanks for looking. Please note due to its vintage this is an ACA type pedal requiring Vintage PSU I am happy to convert this pedal to run on modern PSU’S for an extra ?5 Powering ACA pedals with a PSA power supply Powering the older pedals designed for ACA input with a PSA adapter may not work very well. The voltage drop over the internal resistor and diode will prevent the pedal from The solution is to use a daisy chain and plug in another pedal designed for the newer ACA or PSA adapter. The lead between the two pedals will short the resistor diode pair and the pedal will receive full power. This plug-in has the capability to easily reproduce this mod, by adjusting only a few parameters. Included are some presets that run through the capabilities of the plug-in. View Screenshot. Please ask any questions or special requests before bidding. Please note: All shipping costs are based of those defined by Royal Mail for size and weight. Item will be shipped promptly on receipt of cleared full payment. Once buyer has left feedback I will always respond in kind. Please note when using the Global Shipping Program - this postal service and the fees charged are controlled by eBay and as such any questions concerning the GSP must be forwarded directly to them. You are the light of the world. The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser. If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit. Press J to jump to the feed.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log in sign up User account menu 22 Boss OC-2 Ran the serial number and apparently it's from feb 1995, but looks like it was never played. I hinted that I wanted one, but never dreamed she'd come through with one, let alone one in this condition. To find one mint with packaging is super rare. I got lucky and scored mine on the used shelf of a music store in 2008. All rights reserved Back to top. Judicious use of the effect can produce some interesting and cool sounds. The Japanese BOSS OC-2 Octave was one of those effects that followed soon after the success of its more well-known older relations. Originally introduced as the Octaver, it changed its name to Octave shortly thereafter. The colour also changed subtly in its early years. Strangely, perhaps, the OC-2 also became popular with bass players as well as guitarists. While some modern pitch shifters are polyphonic or can add a variety of intervals to the original note, there is a cool simplicity to adding deep octave bass lines to guitar and the variable way it tracks notes just adds to the fun. It doesn’t make your guitar a bass though and it actually takes some skill to get the best from it. At first, I thought this was a 1983 pedal. Its excellent condition supports the view that it has seen occasional, rather than heavy, use over its life. There is hardly a blemish in evidence, only a few minor marks to the paintwork. Sonically, with a bit of experimentation, you can tease some massively creative and distinctive sounds from it. Natural sounding, it clearly isn’t. In conclusion, maybe the OC-2 won’t be a vital addition to your pedal board, although it is one that may set you apart from other, perhaps less adventurous, players. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:He passed in Bakersfield. It works normally. ” It works normally. ” I can't see destroying this any time soon.

The one I bought was used, but I'd be hard pressed to find any sign of use on the thing. This does pretty much all I wanted it to, and does it okay. Keep in mind I am using it for bass. The 1 octave setting is full and rich. Don't really have any complaints. The 2 octave setting is a little. I don't know. warbly. It sounds like it is shaky. Like it can't handle producing both octaves at the same time. Which is a little bit of a bummer for the use I intended it for. The drive setting is actually quite good. It has a full overdrive sound and I actually like it. I was shocked. Hell, if I could use it in conjunction with the octave 2 effect, I probably wouldn't even use another drive. The poly setting seems worthless to me. Even playing chords on it still doesn't sound very good. It is to digital sounding. Just fake. Not really into this setting, but I didn't buy it because of it anyways. Overall a good pedal, especially for the prices they can be had on here. If you're thinking about one, don't hesitate to pick one up. If it is then Boss pedals are simple and very well made. Metal case that will last many years. Pedals that they don't make any more are always a little expensive. The newer modal the Boss OC-3, is not the same pedal. My favorite octave pedal by far. It is really a very versitale and fun pedal to add to your collection. If you use it properly it tracks your playing very well and can make your guitar sound like George Benson. Put it at the very front of the chain. Works great for laying down Bass patterns when using it with the BOSS Loop station. I wasn't surprised at its performance. When playing live I found it very annoying and simply switched off. RE-CAP. If possible try to play before buying so it meets your 'paticular' needs. tx. Please try again.Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support ?

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